Auto Responder:

When a customer opts-in to your campaign, they will instantly be sent back an auto-reply message. This auto response can be changed at any time to include a welcome message, coupon or promotions


Age Verification:

This feature requires the contact to enter their birth date before they can opt-in to a keyword. Great for age-restricted products and services.


Drip Messages:

In addition to the default auto-responder sent on first opt-in, a series of drip messages can be scheduled to be sent at specified intervals from when the subscriber opted-in such as 5 days after initial opt-in.


Text 2 Win:

One of the quickest ways to gain opt-ins, text 2 win helps motivate customers to join your sms marketing campaign. Simply set up a campaign to entice customers to opt-in for a chance to win something.


Text 2 Vote:

Set up a voting campaign where subscribers can text in to cast a vote! Our support staff can help you set this up!


Alternate Message:

If a customer tries to re-opt in to the service after having already been opted-in, an alternate message can be sent to them in place of the default auto-responder. This prevents duplicate coupon use.


2-Way Messaging:

Respond directly to your customers one-on-one from your Text Marketing Genius inbox. Replies from a message sent to a group are not seen by anyone in the group, they come in as an individual message to your Inbox. See the entire message thread for that number in a user-friendly cell-phone-like interface.


Text Message Scheduler:

Our unique scheduler allows you to schedule your campaigns to go out daily, weekly or monthly to save you time.


Random Select Winner:

If you’ve set up a Text 2 Win campaign you can use this feature to randomly select a number of subscribers from your contacts to deem as winners and send a winning text message to them!


Message Templates:

Store unlimited text message templates and load them when sending a text message to your subscribers! This is great for appointment reminders.


Multiple Users:

Use the sub-user feature to create multiple admin logins. Each admin will have a unique email address to login and can be assigned to one or multiple keywords on the account. You can also limit billing functions to prevent any unauthorized purchases on the account.


Web Widget:

Our widget tool can be designed to fit the specs, theme, and style of your website. Generate the code within the control panel and insert the code into your webpage. Customers can then type their phone number into the widget and opt-in, right from your website!


MMS Messaging:

This can be enabled on your account – send pictures or media files. This uses 3 credits per contact to send.


QR Codes:

Generate QR codes easily with three different functions: to send to a URL, create a contact, or opt-in via sms. Generated QR codes can be downloaded and printed on your advertising or business cards.


Dynamic Date Feature:

Enter a unique expiration date on each text, based on a number of days after the message is received. Example: Customer texts Pizza to 77948 to get a free appetizer. They receive the response of, “Enjoy a free appetizer at The Pizza Shoppe! Redeem by 01/01/19”. The date will change based on the number of days you have set and the date they opt-in.


Inbound SMS messages are at no cost to you! Receive as many inbound messages as you would like. They are a great way to get customer feedback for any type of SMS business use! (MMS inbound is subject to a 3 credit/msg deduction).


Automatic Billing:

Our auto billing is available to make sure that you never have to worry about interrupted service. Discounts for annual billing and you can cancel ANYTIME, no contract, no cancellation fees!


Unlimited Subscribers:

With Text Marketing Genius you can have unlimited subscribers. To market most effectively you need to be able to reach as many people as possible and we do not set restrictions on how many clients you can have. Ready to Upgrade your plan? Contact Us!


Fantastic Support:

We want to make sure you succeed in your text message marketing campaigns. We have video tutorials available to walk you through the control panel, as well as phone, live chat, and email support. 100% U.S. Based Support with EXPERTS!


Alternate Message:

If a customer tries to re-opt in to the service after having already been opted-in, an alternate message can be sent to them in place of the default auto-responder. This prevents duplicate coupon use.


Hosted Widget:

Our hosted website widget is for those clients who don’t have a website or want an easier way to collect opt-ins. We provide you a link that includes a form to gather opt-ins.

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