Frequently asked questions

How Do I Upload My Clients ?

Contacts may be added manually one at a time due to strict regulations per the FCC. Please contact the Support Team for more information on these regulations.

Who Uses Text Messages ?

With nearly all cell phone carriers including some sort of text message plan with their service just about everyone with a phone is sending and receiving text messages of some form. Teens are the obvious leader in average text message usage with a staggering 2779 messages sent each month. Here is a breakdown of average text message usage by age bracket:
teens = 2779 month
18-24 = 1299 month
25-34 = 592 month
35-44 = 441 month
45-54 = 234 month
55-64 = 80 month
65+ = 32 month

How Long Can A Text Message Be?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters including spaces. SMS messages with emojis are limited to 70 characters on short codes. MMS messages can be up to 1600 characters.

What's a Keyword?

A keyword is a 4-12 alphanumeric key that differentiates your company on a short code.

How Do I Promote My Service ?

There are many different ways to promote your keyword. Adding your keyword and short code to existing marketing is a prime example.

How Do My Subscribers Opt In?

Your customers can opt-in by texting your keyword to your short code or you can manually enter them into your database, with their consent.

Is There Any Equipment I Need to Get Started?

The only equipment you need is a computer with Internet access. Our user friendly control panel is web based and allows your account access from the Internet.

How Long Before My Subscribers Receive the Message?

Once you have sent your message it chimes the subscribers phone within minutes and 95% of theses messages are read within one hour of receiving them.

What is the Maximum Number of Messages I Can Send A Day?

There is no limit to the number of messages that can be sent per day, week, month or year, however, for marketing purposes it is recommended that you do not over saturate your clientele as this could lead to a high opt-out rate.

How Long Does It Take to Get Set Up?

In a couple short minutes you can be on your way to optimizing your business’s full potential.

What is a Shortcode?

The short code is a 5-6 digit shortened phone number that wireless carriers assign to businesses sending text messages over their network. Subscribers can text “HELP” to the short code for more information on the business and the program. Short Codes are individually approved by each wireless carrier preventing spam and illegal marketing from their networks.

Why Do I Need a Keyword?

The keyword is what distinguishes you from anyone else on the same short code.

How Are the Numbers in my Database Protected?

We use industry standard encryption to ensure security within our systems.

Do My Subscribers Get Charged for Receiving My Messages?

Standard message and data rates apply from the subscribers wireless carrier. We do not charge for them to receive or reply to messages.

How Do I recover My Username or Password

From the home page click forgot password and follow the instructions.

Why Am I Unable to Log In?

Make sure that your username and password are correct. If so try the forgot password link on the home page. If this does not work call 248-716-4836 or contact us.

Whats the Difference in SMS, MMS, and Text Messages

SMS (short message service) and MMS (multimedia message service) are both types of text messages! SMS is the standard text style of message and MMS can include pictures, video, sounds and text. SMS uses 1 credit per outbound message. MMS uses 3 credits for inbound and outbound.

Are My Subscribers in My DAtabase Sold to Other Users?

Never! This is your information for your business and we will not sell your information!

What is a Web Widget?

A “web-widget” is a link that can be added to a website that allows visitors to that website to opt-in by entering their phone number.

What Counts As a Message?

Any SMS message that is sent from your keyword to a phone number counts as a message. 1 message to 50 phone numbers or 50 messages to 1 phone number would both count as 50 messages. This includes any system mandatory messages that are required to be sent (stop, help, default). MMS uses 3 message credits per outbound AND inbound.

Can this service be used outside of the U.S?

No. At this time our services are only available in the U.S.

Can I add picures to my auto responses, mobile coupons etc?

Coming Soon ! We are currenlty upgrading our services to include MMS - the capability to add pictures to your text marketing messages. When mms is enabled on a paid account you have the option to upload and image and attach it to your text. Please note: SMS: Uses 1 credit per contact. Limited to 160 characters - no attachment or image.

MMS: Uses 3 credits per contact. Can have media file or any message over 160 characters.

MMS Supports JPG, GIF, or PNG up to 5MB. WAV, MP3, or MP4 files up to 300kb

How can I get notifications to my phone / email on 2-way messages I received?

You can set up the forwarding options in your inbox. Go to My Inbox - click the red Inbox Settings tab, choose the keyword in the center drop-down menu then choose what you want recorded in the inbox and where you want to forward it to. Note: If mms is enabled on the account you can receive pictures - it will deduct 3 credits per mms received. MMS bills both inbound and outbound picture messages.

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